Flachleiter (FFC) - Jumper Production

The manufactoring works through lamination.

LAMINATING is a thermal process in which high-quality insulation foils are connected under pressure and defined temperature with copper conductors of different cross-sections. Flat conductors, we distinguish in Flat conductors with WINDOWS and Flat conductors without WINDOWS.

At WINDOWS the conductors are laid open without any leftovers of the foil. This happens before the the laminating process. Laminated flat conductors have, among other properties such as low flammability, high thermal resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, and extreme flexural fatigue strength. Flat conductors and printed circuit board connectors are characterized by their flat geometry wich is space-saving and extremely flexible. On moving parts they stand out by their extreme durability to movements. In addition to the possibility of printing at the conductor, the tremination of the conductor with plug connectors and the convolution according to a drawing for an easier installation is possible.

Tool Shop


Thanks to its own tool shop and qualified staff, we can quickly develop and produce customized solutions. We offer our customers various machining processes such as lathing, milling, round and flat grinding and lapping.

Electrolytical Degreasing


Here the band surfaces of different materials are degreased during dipping in hot alkali solutions hot. The system is complemented by dryer and ventilation systems.

Precision Tape Manufacturing


Here we do precise cutting of foils in different widths and lengths. They are spooled to different coils or spools according to different customer requirements. In this way the conductors of the laminated cables are manufactured.