Precision Flat Strips

Cutting Center

Cutting and spooling of precision strips of high run-lengths onto a broad range of spool bodies and according to customer requirements.

  • high run length
  • high-precision
  • burr free
  • tailor made


Cutting procedures

According to the material and strip sizes we use different continuous cutting processes.

  • Spool cutting
  • Circular cutting


  • 0,3 - 3,0 mm typical for soft copper

Depending on the material widths of 0.4 mm to 600 mm are possible.


A wide variety of flat strips is available.
For example the following materials are processed:

  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • nonferrous metals
  • plastics


  • 0,035 - 0,3 mm for copper

Potential thicknesses are material dependent and are determined by cutting and spooling tests.


We are able to wind precise on various coil bobbins such as:

  • discs
  • K spool (cylindrical barrelled delivery spool)
  • HKV spool (cylindrical barrelled delivery spool with conical flanges)

(other spools on request)


The cut quality is assured by monitoring the cutting tools:

  • Cutting force measurement
  • micrographs
  • tensile tests

certified according to ISO 9001:2008