FFC (Flexible flat cables)

Flexible flat cables are laminated. They consist of tin-plated or bare copper conductors of various cross sections and top-quality insulation films.

  • extremely flexible
  • very high resistance to vibration and reverse bending
  • low weight
  • easy and fast processing


Copper Conductors

Cut, flat conductors, no limiting width-thickness ratio, bare or tin-plated.

  • Materials
    SE-Cu 58 F20 - F37 | E-Cu 58 F20 - F37
  • Conductor thickness (mm)
    0,035 | 0,050 | 0,076 | 0,100 | 0,125 | 0 ,200
  • Conductor width
    ab 0,28 mm


High-quality polyester films for the highest demands in various thicknesses

  • (PET) polyethylene terephthalate
  • (PEN) polyethylene naphthalate


The pitch indicates the distance between the head centers.

  • all standard pitches, e.g. 1.27/2.54 or customized
  • pitches according to the customers' request
  • different pitches and conductor cross sections available in one single cable

Delivery options

We provide you with flat cable as it fits best with your processing:

  • bulk spools
  • cut to required length
  • stripped conductors with pre-defined spacing (window technology)
  • folded, bent
  • terminated with crimp contacts and housings solder pins


The majority of our products are sold on the automotive sector for life-sustaining devices. The quality meets this high demands.

  • 100% inspection using camera surveillance
  • micrographs for monitoring the cutting quality
  • certification according to ISO 9001:2008
  • RoHS/REACH compliant